60 Ball Croquembouche


The perfect show piece for any event. A traditional French delight that crunches in your mouth and then melts away with the combination of sugar toffee coating, soft butter choux pastry and your choice of custard filling.

Should you wish to have a more personalised order, with extra decorations and colour, please call our staff or visit us in store to quote you accordingly.


Your choice of up to three flavours. Please select one, two, or all three fillings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure you select pick up time as close to consumption as possible. We will make this right before pick up time. We do not guarantee spun sugar will hold in humid or hot weather conditions.

Please note, prices are based on market price at the time of purchase as well as quantity preferred. We will call to confirm final finishes and total additional decoration cost.


Cancellations: 50% is non-refundable should you cancel your order within 36 hours prior to pick-up time requested.

Cancellations of all custom cakes as well as any signature cakes made within 48 hours of pick up are non-refundable. More Info


The croquembouche is a tower of custard filled profiteroles held together with sugar toffee.

Please note decoration may change according to availability and chefs discretion.

Serving Sizes

60 profiteroles

(At least 2 per person recommended)

Circa 47cm high


Contains eggs, dairy and gluten.

Nut Free